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Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People : Live in Jakarta (Review)

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Before, I write about this gig, I think it's plausible for me to explain why and how I love this band. In early 2010, I happened to watch their performance at Langit Musik or somewhere else. It was joint performances. Actually, I wanted to see Adhitya Sofyan's gig but AHSP's caught my attention at that time. So, I looked them up and found one or two of their songs (Justify and The Break Up). I was totally captivated about how that songs were delivered. The lyrics was simple like telling stories, but it was arranged so beautifully. There was not any official music streaming service at that time, so I found it hard to seek their album. I had to order or bought them at the special record stores. So, it was a good time watching their performance live. Yeah, the perks of being an indie.
Well, I was really excited when I know they released new album and would hold a live concert in February 2017. Wohooo. What's with all my fave indie band, all comebacks and hold gigs. Me happeeeey!!!

First of all, the concert was really intimate because of the venue and the easygoing personels. What I loved the most there was time between two song performed, Andre would explain all the stories about song. How and when he wrote that song. He was hilarious as hell. Seriously, I dont get why he just be stand up comedian aside from music. Lol, kidding. All his team members got bullied by him. Poor them. Every time Andre opened his mouth, the others just facepalmed and held the urges to kill him. Hahahahhah!
Here the setlist I remembered so far,

Homesick but Homeless
Actually it was not the first song they sang. I didn’t remember what the first song was. LoL. This song is very dear to me. When, I first heard of this song, I was like “mbribik-mbribik gak jelas”. The lyrics is so painful. So, when they performed on stage, I often sigh-ed and like OMYGOD JUST STOP, I WILL CRY FOR DEAR LIFE. *ngelap ingus*

Sail Across the Sea
Hahahhah this song was actually a sad song about how we love someone and make effort to see them but in the end being left. It was inspired by Andreas Arianto (the keyboardist, akordionist, pianist, just how many instruments you can play, seriously!)’s broken heart story. But Andre gimmick was making me LOL-ing hard. He said,”Kalo gue mah, udah bela2in dateng ke Singapore trus ditinggal pergi ke negara lain sama doi sih, bakal gue obrak abrik Orchard, gue tebalikin semua gerobak es potong di sana.” Hahahahahanjir. And he also said,” Walaupun judulnya Sail Across the Sea, sebenernya Andreas gak beneran ngedayung, kok. Kan ga elit aja, judulnya cuma Flight with Aeroplane.” *lempar hape ke stage*
So, I could not watch they performed this song live without imagining Andreas ngedayung sampan sampai Singapore buat ketemu gebetannya.

Room for Everybody
Andre said that long time ago he was offered deal with big major label meaning he must follow what label want. But in the end, he refused to sign the deal. By doing so, he thought that he would make his mom disappointed because he told her, he took break from college to pursue his passion in music. Such a bittersweet. It was really brave decision. He wrote this song dedicated to that situation.
Actually, at first I heard this song I didn’t feel related or so. Just some good music to listen to. But after Andre explained the story behind the song, it was not the same anymore. I became more related to that song because unlike Andre, I decided to do what my parents want. Thankfully, it was not regretful decision to this day. But still, what if question often comes to my mind.

I’ll Wait For You
Another good jazzy song to swing dan galau-ing along with full package of coffee and rain, lol.

Flood Song
Lagu yang diinspirasi dari kisah nyata seorang Andre Harihandoyo sebagai penduduk Kelapa Gading yang sering kebanjiran. LOL
Electricity was out, phone was off service too. So what did he do? Of course, making a song. Tsah.
Andre quoted,"Lagian gue gak bisa main ke Indomaret juga, banjir sih." Certified Anak Gaul Indomaret.
The fun part, Sheryl Sheinafia sneaked from backstage and suddenly sang her song surprising everyone there. In the end, Flood Song was performed by AHSPxSheryl with some new arrangements. Hope there will be video uploaded though.

MY FREAKING FAVOURITE SONG OF ALL TIME. In whatever rendition or arrangements. A. Must. Listen. To. Day before concert, I begged them on twitter to put this on setlist. And they finally performed it. Big yaaay!!!
Never thought that Andre and Sheryl’s voice would blend really well in this rendition. So, after some guitar thing in the beginning, Sheryl started with, and I supposed to be,
digging side by side for eternity 
 I was officialy losing my shit right there. Oh. My. God. My. Ultimate. Song.

Jika Kau ingat Aku
Satu-satunya lagu yang berbahasa Indonesia. Andre bilang kalau dia berasa awkward bikin lagu berbahasa Indonesia. Plus gak pede. But, actually, this song is really sweet. There is retro vibe in the beginning and the very ending. He also said sorry this song does not have halal certified. We were just, what the hell he was talking about? He explained there is BABI word in the lyrics. Dudeeeeeee!!! -____- *slow clap*

Good For The Soul
I think there were not any explanation about this song or I just forgot it. This song is in the very first album. Actually, I can not feel any attachment about this song. Hmmm.

Between Memories
Funny (or sad) fact we learnt that day was that Tobias’ ex got married at the same concert day. Awww. Be strong, Tobias! LOL. AHSP dudes even the guest stars kept teasing that poor boy from time to time. Hahahahaha lancang sekali. Kasian banget. Andre said,”Harusnya yang nonton di auditorium ini bisa tumpeh2 ke luar tapi gimana lagi ya soalnya temen2 si doi and Tobias sama sih. Jadi kebagi gitu deh.” Minta dikaretan dah mulutnya Andre emang. Pedes banget. HAAHAHHA. Anyway, this song is about timeframe between broken heart until we find new love. So, it is called Between Memories. Intinya waktu lagi galau-galaunya, deh.

Break Up

Along with Justify, this song become my favorite in the first album. It is really suitable song to listen to when you walk in pedestrian in the windy evening after works. In live performance, there was major re-arrangements in Break Up. At first, I did not recognize this song in the beginning but after Andre sang,
the clock is ticking without waiting,
leaving you behind with you broken wings 
Omg, this is it. *sweating profusely* 

Impostor Hearts
This song become the soundtrack of Headshot movie. Yay! But actually, I forgot in which part the song was played because I was too immersed (too focused on closing my eyes) watching every scenes in that movie. LOL. This song gives me that kind of rich vibe, I don't know how to call it, because contrary to usual style, AHSP uses additional some supporting instruments. Even in live performance, after the others tuned in each instruments ready to play it, Andreas suddenly, "Eh bentar-bentar, masih sumbang nih." Sambil riweuh dengan berbagai instrumen yang dipegangnya. 

Like A Song

The Freaking BAIM (with some of his expensive electric guitars, lol) was there to do some featuring in this performance. Waaaa. So excited. What happened when AHSPxBaim? Total chaos and awesomeness in one frame. Gila semua orang2nya. Finally, there was a time when Andre got bullied. Served him right. Hahaha. Anyway, the guitar session in live performance was indeed beyond cool. The song was jazzy I supposed but there was rock-ish touch in the execution.

Word of Wisdoms
This is my favorite track in the latest album. Yeahh. So catchy and fresh. I think Andre is such big fan of The Beatles and Paul McCartney according to this lyrics,
...Yesterday, I heard McCartney sing the word I pray
 About the love that I fail in everyday
Being the final track to be performed all the guest stars appeared at the stage. Don’t know any words to describe how cool AHSP x Sheryl x Baim performing this song. Huhu.

Indeed, the admission fee felt like receh compared to what I’d got. I really had a great time.


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  1. i'm not really into this band but uhm
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    1. No, Bareng sama mbak senior di kantor. :D


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