Kamis, 08 Juni 2017


Judulnya sepertinya uwow. Dulu, saya kepikiran, sepertinya saya tidak ingin mendapati diri saya menjadi tua, tidak berdaya, pikun dsb. Jadinya, ya saya ingin pergi di usia yang gak tua-tua banget. Mati muda (ya gak muda-muda banget). Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah. Astaghfirullah. Apalah yang saya tau tentang umur, ya kan? Prerogatif Allah itu. Namun, beberapa bulan terakhir ini, saya kayak ditampar.
Saya mendadak takut mati.
Duh, cukup gak ya bekal saya.
Duh, orang tua saya gimana? Adek-adek juga?
Duh, saya belum punya yang mau diwariskan.
Duh, saya belum nikah. *eh
Duh, saya takut dilupakan.
Duh, apa kabar amal jariyah.
dan serangkaian insekuritas lainnya.

Jadi, saya sempat merenung sebelum tidur dengan pertanyaan yang sama. Mau saya apa sih? Apa yang sudah saya capai? Apa yang sudah saya tinggalkan? Saya evaluasi lagi tuh visi misi hidup (trust me, ini gak muluk2 banget kok). Intinya saya jadi berpikir halah masih segitu-gitu aja kok udah pede mikirin mati muda.
Saya nulis di postingan ini adalah sebagai pengingat..
...jika nanti saya lalai atau demotivasi
...jika nanti saya skeptis
...jika nanti merasa capek

Uang bisa dicari, tapi waktu dan kesempatan belum tentu. Saya sering mengingatkan diri saya seperti ini,
we are at the age of the brightest and the most challenging of our life
Makanya, jangan sampai rutinitas saya menjadikan saya lupa dan lalai. Golden age-nya dewasa sepertinya sekarang. Ketika masih muda, sehat dan berkesempatan.

Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People : Live in Jakarta (Review)

source : https://www.garow.me/tags/ahspmusic

Before, I write about this gig, I think it's plausible for me to explain why and how I love this band. In early 2010, I happened to watch their performance at Langit Musik or somewhere else. It was joint performances. Actually, I wanted to see Adhitya Sofyan's gig but AHSP's caught my attention at that time. So, I looked them up and found one or two of their songs (Justify and The Break Up). I was totally captivated about how that songs were delivered. The lyrics was simple like telling stories, but it was arranged so beautifully. There was not any official music streaming service at that time, so I found it hard to seek their album. I had to order or bought them at the special record stores. So, it was a good time watching their performance live. Yeah, the perks of being an indie.
Well, I was really excited when I know they released new album and would hold a live concert in February 2017. Wohooo. What's with all my fave indie band, all comebacks and hold gigs. Me happeeeey!!!

First of all, the concert was really intimate because of the venue and the easygoing personels. What I loved the most there was time between two song performed, Andre would explain all the stories about song. How and when he wrote that song. He was hilarious as hell. Seriously, I dont get why he just be stand up comedian aside from music. Lol, kidding. All his team members got bullied by him. Poor them. Every time Andre opened his mouth, the others just facepalmed and held the urges to kill him. Hahahahhah!
Here the setlist I remembered so far,

Homesick but Homeless
Actually it was not the first song they sang. I didn’t remember what the first song was. LoL. This song is very dear to me. When, I first heard of this song, I was like “mbribik-mbribik gak jelas”. The lyrics is so painful. So, when they performed on stage, I often sigh-ed and like OMYGOD JUST STOP, I WILL CRY FOR DEAR LIFE. *ngelap ingus*

Sail Across the Sea
Hahahhah this song was actually a sad song about how we love someone and make effort to see them but in the end being left. It was inspired by Andreas Arianto (the keyboardist, akordionist, pianist, just how many instruments you can play, seriously!)’s broken heart story. But Andre gimmick was making me LOL-ing hard. He said,”Kalo gue mah, udah bela2in dateng ke Singapore trus ditinggal pergi ke negara lain sama doi sih, bakal gue obrak abrik Orchard, gue tebalikin semua gerobak es potong di sana.” Hahahahahanjir. And he also said,” Walaupun judulnya Sail Across the Sea, sebenernya Andreas gak beneran ngedayung, kok. Kan ga elit aja, judulnya cuma Flight with Aeroplane.” *lempar hape ke stage*
So, I could not watch they performed this song live without imagining Andreas ngedayung sampan sampai Singapore buat ketemu gebetannya.

Room for Everybody
Andre said that long time ago he was offered deal with big major label meaning he must follow what label want. But in the end, he refused to sign the deal. By doing so, he thought that he would make his mom disappointed because he told her, he took break from college to pursue his passion in music. Such a bittersweet. It was really brave decision. He wrote this song dedicated to that situation.
Actually, at first I heard this song I didn’t feel related or so. Just some good music to listen to. But after Andre explained the story behind the song, it was not the same anymore. I became more related to that song because unlike Andre, I decided to do what my parents want. Thankfully, it was not regretful decision to this day. But still, what if question often comes to my mind.

I’ll Wait For You
Another good jazzy song to swing dan galau-ing along with full package of coffee and rain, lol.

Minggu, 22 Januari 2017

National.is.m(e) !!

August. What is the first thing that pops on your mind when you read that words. Many of you will ponder about our Independence Day, I supposed. And yeah, in this month, in the exact 17th, Indonesia celebrate its 71st Indepedence Day. Many of us had been told all of stories about how our founding fathers achieved our freedom by sweat, tears and blood.

Source: blog Djarumbeasiswaplus (accessed from https://blog.djarumbeasiswaplus.org/rerisaputra/2013/10/13/merah-putih-di-ufuk-utara/)

According to Merriem-Webster Dictionary, nationalism defines a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups. In the early perspective, primodialist one, nationalism is decribed as perceived tendency of human as part of distinct group affiliated by birth i.e. Javanese, Sundanese, Aborigin etc. As time goes by, this perspective evolves into modernist one that describes nationalism is a certain phenomenon that requires certain and structural conditions of modern society in order to exist (Paul : 2006).

Naturally, our concept about nationalism is referred to the early one, simply because we are born here, in Indonesia, long time after Independence Day on 1945. By default, we feel that we need to defend Indonesia because we are Indonesian. There is no wrong in that. But, as time flies, as our life and priority take over, nationalism becomes vague premises. Celebration of Independence Day become more ceremonial and routine festival. Over these past years, national pride are not so popular topic in society moreover in youngster. It is so unfortunate because, according to demographic trends, there is particular emergence of a young and productive cohort. Youngster between 15 and 39 years of age now dominate Indonesia’s demographic spectrum, accounting for around 43 percent the population (The Jakarta Post, August 2015). We arguably are more familiar with foreign lifestyle (Western, Korean, Japanese or so) in entertainment, literacy, music, fashion etc than our very own one.

Once, I saw in Youtube Indonesian Choir performing in International  Choir Championship in Poland (forgot in which year) presenting Yamko Rambe Yamko. By the end of their performance, every audience gave standing applause. The performance was indeed mindblowing. I felt like I got slapped in my face. Hard. I didn’t know that one of our traditional folk song could be arranged and performed so beautifully. Not even long time ago, we felt overwhelmed by duo Tontowi-Butet getting gold medal on mixed double badminton in Olympics. I could recall all the social media buzz by then. All of Indonesian were being so hyper and extra by their triumph over duo Malaysian. In addition, they achieved it right on Independence Day. Proud and happy were clearly understatement. Who doesn’t feel emotional when Indonesia Raya being played in such a grande event? Sometimes, we even forget that there are so much to be proud of. So, I realized that nationalism can be grown in any sorts of way. We just need triggers. That phenonemon clearly defines what is nationalisme about based on perspective on modernist society. We feel proud of being part of one big nation, Indonesian.

Source : CNN Indonesia. (accessed from http://www.cnnindonesia.com/)

Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

Absurdity as Its Finest

Source : Islamic Thinking (dipost di path saya juga)

Akhir-akhir ini saya sedang mellow. You know, when everything seems pretty hard yet you don't have anyone to rely on. *dari kalimatnya aja dah melow2 gini*. Pernah sih pada suatu ketika saya mikir berat juga ya. Meanwhile saya bukanlah tipe yang curhat mengenai masalah-masalah. I will tell the world in most cryptic way yet i need to be understood. So stupid right? *Giiiiiiiirrlll*. Ketika saya mikir kok gini amat ya saya. Trus saya mikir lagi, that is just the way i am, i just need to compromise a little. Gitu aja terus sampe Messi pindah ke Madrid (amit-amit, ketok meja kayu 3x).

Tulisan ini saya bikin untuk pengingat saya di masa depan. It’s okay to feel pathetic so this moment needs to be archived for future purpose. Yep, this is one of those moments. When you feel like you are on the lowest point (yet?). Still, no need to be worry. You can't go any lower, right? I perfectly aware that someday in the future i will just laugh this absurdity off, won't I?

On top of it, when i looked up at the Quran last night, this verse appeared magically (or not because there is a pop note, oh please i am so distracted now...)

“..And He found you lost and guided [you].” (93:08)
And finally i read all the verses of this Surah then I cried.
Wad duhaa – I swear by early hours of the day (93:01)
In some way this told me to “Oh please just wake up, everything is bright, don't feel gloomy. Look up!!

Moreover,  that Surah is one of my favorite when i just stare blankly not knowing what to do and feel lame.Then,just look around. Don't be so self centered. When i just too much consumed this absurdity, I didn't notice that there is Ibu just filling the refrigerator with my most favorite meal or Bapak sitting on laptop waiting me to beat him on chess game...or just my siblings doing stupid things as usual.

...and I will be okay.

Kebumen, waktu-waktu nunggu buka.

me as person

nothing in particular


"I will sail all over ocean, climb all of mountain and cross all over the world... with you"